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I wanted to take some photos of the dice holders I made recently, since I always forget to take proper pictures of them. They’re all made from polymer clay, minus the dice which are store bought. Anything that glows in the dark I’ve added to the picture.

These will be available this weekend (9/5-9/7) at UmiCon in Daytona, FL. I will be in the artist alley from Friday until the show ends on Sunday. Anything that’s left will be listed in my online shop. :)



its really important for men to stand up to other men who say terrible and sexist shit

because sexist men dont listen to what women have to say

literally the most important thing men can do if they want to call themselves feminist allies 


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Clinging haphazardly to the jagged sides of the Drakensberg escarpment, the South African Institute for Witches and Wizards is an impressive conglomeration of architectural wonder and eccentric contraptions that keep the sprawling institute welded to the steep slopes of the mountains. Many say roaming the institute is an arduous test of one’s stamina as the primarily vertical layout of the institute relies on a plethora of stairs to navigate (luckily it has gotten better after the restriction on the indoor use of broomsticks was lifted). Over centuries, many pockets of shallow caves have been dug out and furnished by students who like to spend their free time observing the vast landscape before them from high up in the mountainside. The student population supplies much of the profits for Mava’s Zoomtastic Glasses, which is a popular accessory for observing the abundance of wildlife that roam the lands.
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how the hell do i talk to people

Stand in front of them and press A